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2018 Highlights

The WODs

Forget about the typical, in The Spanish Games we like athletes to leave their comfort zone, as we did in the last edition.

During the online phase, in each category, and for every WOD, the athlete can choose the level of performance, not being mandatory to do all the tests on the same difficulty. For example, WOD 1 in RX, WOD 2 in Scaled, WOD 3 IN Scaled, etc. You will be able to perform those exercises that you know in Rx, and you can scale those that you do not completely master, as it happens every day in the Box.

The Ranking

During the online phase we will have, in each category, a single classification for Rx and Scaled, in which the one with the highest score will be the winner. Depending on the difficulty you choose in each WOD, you will have the possibility of opting for a maximum number of points for the general classification. Obviously, the scores obtained in Rx will always be higher than those obtained in Scaled.


At the end of The Spanish Games we will announce the winners in:

Mixed Pairs
Rx & Scaled

Women & Men

Rx & Scaled

Women & Men

Teenage 19-
Rx & Scaled

Women & Men

Master  +35
Rx & Scaled

Women & Men

Master +40
Rx & Scaled

Women & Men

Máster +45
Rx & Scaled



1st positions in the online phase

200€ Mixted Pairs Rx & Scaled

100€ Individual Rx & Scaled Men

100€ Individual Rx & Scaled Women

100€ Teenage Rx & Scaled Boys 19-

100€ Teenage Rx & Scaled Girls 19-

100€ Master Rx & Scaled Men 35+ 

100€ Master Rx & Scaled Women 35+

100€ Master Rx & Scaled Men 40+

100€ Master Rx & Scaled Women 40+

1st positions in the final

600€ Mixed Pairs

500€ Individual Men

500€ Individual Women

150€ Teenage Boys 19-

150€ Teenage  Girls 19-

200€ Master Men 35+ 

200€ Master  Women 35+

200€ Master  Men 40+

200€ Master  Women 40+


Prizes will be added by our sponsors

Why not a Scaled final winner?

We do not want to favour those Rx athletes that compete in Scaled divisions just to be the winners of a rank below their skins. 

We are looking for athletes that push their limits every day, and we think that everyone of us gets more knowledge from an exercise that challenge us, than from a workout that does not dare us. We appreciate those who start in this sport, who make an effort to keep on learning and be better every day, but we also think that those who are starting do not need to be winners, and moreover, they do not have the level to. The only fact to join the games offers them the opportunity to enjoy competing, dare to test their fitness with other athletes, get some experience, and improve with the goal to be a winner in the future.  



If you want to be part of our crew send us your background and experience to:

The Requirements

We are absolutely strict with the requirements in every WOD and they are going to be rigorously checked by our judges. Every asked condition in every WOD must be clearly demonstrated, and if it is not like that, you will not score in that WOD. This is applied to every single athlete regardless of their name, fame or anonymity.



The Spanish Games seek to defend the intrinsically valuable of sport: sportsmanship. This spirit is reflected in values such as: ethics, fair play, honesty, health, excellence in performance, education, fun, teamwork, dedication, commitment, respect for the rules and laws, respect towards oneself and towards the other participants, courage and solidarity, among others.

We consider that doping is contrary to all these values, and is rejected and punished in The Spanish Games, because it is also unfair and impossible to compare the performance of athletes without a level playing field.

The Spanish Games aims to protect the fundamental right of its athletes to participate in a sporting activity that guarantees fairness and equality during the competition.

With health, safety, well-being of athletes and the integrity of our sport as priorities, The Spanish Games ensures the validity of the results obtained in the competition through the following Anti-doping Rulebook.

Check the Prohibited List.


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