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Online Phase


To participate in The Spanish Games it is necessary to formalize the inscription at following all the steps indicated in there.

Registration period will start on February 1st   2018 until April 26th 2018 at 12.00 noon.

There is a 20€ registration fee.  No refunds or transfers will be permitted, regardless of reason.

Any athlete younger than 18 years old will be required to provide additional parental consent during the online registration.

The organization might require verification of any given information. Disqualification from the competition could happen if there is evidence of negative information or falsehood.  


Each division have a Scaled and a Rx version. In every WOD the athlete can choose the level of performance.

Mixed Pairs Rx & Scaled

Individual Rx & Scaled Men

Individual Rx & Scaled Women 

Teenage Rx & Scaled Boys 19- (born from July 30th 1998)

Teenage Rx & Scaled Girls 19- (born from July 30th 1998)

Master Rx & Scaled Men 35+ (born before July 30th 1983)

Master Rx & Scaled Women 35+ (born before July 3th 1983)

Master Rx & Scaled Men 40+ ((born before July 30th 1978)

Master Rx & Scaled Women 40+ (born before July 30th 1978)


The 19th of April 2018 the first WOD will be released, and the 26th of April 2018, the second and third WODs will be published. Athletes can choose the level of performance in every WOD, not being mandatory to perform in the same level of difficulty in all the workouts, for example: WOD 1 in Rx, WOD 2 in Scaled, WOD 3 in Rx, etc.

Athletes will have 7 days to submit the score and video of each one of the workouts.  


Each category will have a different ranking. Rx and Scaled athletes will share the same Leader board. Rx workouts will have better scores than Scaled workouts. First classified will reach the

same points value as the number of athletes registered in the same division, deducting 1 point to the second classified, 2 points to the third one, and so on. Invalid or not presented videos will score 0 point; however, they can participate in the next workouts and keep going with the championship. 

In case of tie in a WOD, the athletes or teams will share the highest position. 

In case of tie in the final ranking, the athletes or teams with better positions during the 3 WODs will be ahead. 

Clear rules for each WOD will be described in detail when publishing. 


WOD rankings will be published automatically when the athletes submit their scores. These might be subject to changes due to the checking of the videos, until the definitive general ranking published on 31st May together with the online phase winners and the ones classified to the final.

The 120 best athletes will have the option to register for the final phase formalizing their inscription until Thursday 7th June. This number might vary due to organization necessities. Any athlete or team that do not complete their registration for the final will loose the right to participate and these places could be occupied by athletes or teams that classify immediately after. These athletes will receive an email with the information to participate on the final.  

The number of athletes classified to the final will be determined by the number of athletes enrolled in each division. 

Due Dates

WOD 1 

Release: Thursday, April 19th at 12.00 noon

Closing : Thursday, April 26th at 12:00 noon

WOD 2 & 3

Release: Thursday, April 26th at 12.00 noon

Closing : Thursday, May 3rd  at 12:00 noon

Score Submission

When completing the inscription, the athletes will have a private area with user and keyword.

Tu submit the score, every athlete must fill in the data required in their private area before the deadline, following in detail every instruction given on the WOD release. 

These data will vary due to every WOD, being for example, repetitions, time, etc. It will be also mandatory to include a Youtube video link with the performance. This video must be visible for  the organization, and it is the athlete’s responsibility to ensure that it is not  hidden or that it is not visible because of copyrights or any other cause. 

Videos must remain at Youtube until Monday 30th July. 

If the score or the video are not available before the deadline, are not visible, have any error or do not contain the criteria listed in the video standards, the WOD will be considered null and the athlete’s score will be punished with 0 points. We claim for absolute rigor in following the instructions.  


If you want to take part of our crew leave us all your details including your qualifications and experience to


Cash prizes for the first positions on the online phase are:

200€ Mixed Pairs Rx & Scaled

100€ Individual Rx & Scaled Men

100€ Individual Rx & Scaled Women

100€ Teenage Rx & Scaled Boys 19-

100€ Teenage Rx & Scaled Girls 19-

100€ Master Rx & Scaled Men 35+ 

100€ Master Rx & Scaled Women 35+

100€ Master Rx & Scaled Men 40+

100€ Master Rx & Scaled Women 40+


All athletes registered in The Spanish Games offer their consent to take a drug test if the organization so decided.

Every athlete is subtle to being called to take an anti-doping test during all the competition, online phase and final phase. 

Athletes who refuse the drug test, or test positive, will be disqualified from the competition, lose the results  and the right to any prizes, awards, or money.

Anti-doping Rulebook

Prohibited List


Payment 100% SECURE with CREDIT CARD
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