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Live Final Rulebook


 Athletes classified for the final must confirm their participation and pay the 35€  fee through the website, deadline 7th July, included. Any athlete or team that do not complete their registration for the final will loose the right to participate and these places could be occupied by athletes or teams that classify immediately after. These athletes will receive an email with the information to participate on the final.  


The competition will be held on 28-29th July in Playa de las Delicias, Águilas, Murcia, and it will have 5 WODs. The first three WODs will take place during the first day, and the two remaining will be held the next day. Every athlete will participate in every WOD but the last one, the final WOD, that will be reserved for the athletes in first positions. 

The first four WODs will be published on the website one day before the competition. 


 There will be a live ranking system through the website. 


 Every WOD will be supervised by professional judges. 

The athlete or team could appeal or ask about their score immediately after the WOD to their judge and always before signing the Score Card. Once the judge have listened the athletes and taken his verdict, this will be irrevocable, and it will not be subject to changes, modifications or appeals. 

Items as videos or photos will not be a reason to change o modify a judge’s decision. 


 Cash prizes for the first positions on the final are:

600€ Mixed Pairs Rx

500€ Individual Men

500€ Individual Women

150€ Teenage Boys 19-

150€ Teenage  Girls 19-

200€ Master Men 35+ 

200€ Master  Women 35+

200€ Master  Men 40+

200€ Master  Women 40+

Prizes will be added by our sponsors


 All athletes registered in The Spanish Games offer their consent to take a drug test if the organization so decided.

Every athlete is subtle to being called to take an anti-doping test during all the competition, online phase and final phase. 

Athletes who refuse the drug test, or test positive will be disqualified from the competition, lose the results  and the right to any prizes, awards, or money.

Antidoping RuleBook

Prohibition List


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